My parents bought me this for my birthday and i don't know whether its a clone of a schecter or not?

I've never seen a Schecter in this colour so i dont even know if its meant to clone it. The main reason i think its a clone is because i pulled on the tone knob and it lifted up. Is this a coil tap?

anyway, heres some pics.

Its quite obviously a fender stratocaster.

You can tell by the way the birds are looking at each other promiscuously. The pink flamingo is obviously in on it.

I think it's a Fender Telecaster.

Or a BC Rich Warlock.

One of the two.
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I think it might be a wangcaster, but I can't tell, the bellend's not quite the right shape.
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Happy new guitar day....Nice troll..
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This is maybe the worst comparison in the history of comparisons.
Enjoy that schecter PRS. HNGD!
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HNGD...thats a sexxy beast of a schecter ;-)
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Meh. Looks like an SE to me.
Well, thanks for confirming you know absolutely nothing about PRS guitars.
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I think it's a Fender Telecaster.

Or a BC Rich Warlock.

One of the two.

no its not!!!!!!!

its a Gibson Flying-V

seriously though
its a
PRS (not a copy its too well done)
so stop bitching about it being a copy OP
your parents got you a really good guitar

so gtfo


happy new gear day
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Fffff, damn man that is one sexy guitar.
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Holy hell. If that's a copy of anything, it's a really good one.
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C'mon Schecters aren't all that bad.

Happy new guitar day.
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I didn't know PRS made Shecter copies?
That their is a Paul Reed Smith, PRS.
They are one of the most expensive, best guitars in the world.\
Your perants have spoiled you, your a lucky brat, have fun playing!
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HNGD, nice trolling.
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HNGD, nice trolling.

my work here is done
hey just saw this HNGD!

haha, fyi love the bird.


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...that flamingo is frickin BAD. ASS.

HNGD! PRSs have really beautiful tops.

And lol at people taking thread title seriously.
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