i know nothing about Marshall Amps, or Tube amps to be honest, so like the title says! good deal?


ps. i fail
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Depends - what is it?
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If its in good shape, sure its a good deal. Try it out though.

They normally sell for around $600 in my area.

My bands old guitarist had a JCM2000, it sounded pretty good. Broke down alot but its because he treated it like crap.

Good luck!
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Its a good deal. Those are really good amps. If you want a Marshall thats probably one of the cheapest prices you will find on a good one.
Really good deal. I have never seen a DSL go that cheap on my Craigs List or ebay.

If I ever had to get a Marshall, I would get a DSL50.

I'd jump on it, if the amp fits your style.
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