I recently graduated from a 25 W Fender frontman solid state to a 40 W Marshall tube.
Sounds like a beaut, but my Boss NS-2 seems to fail at removing hum while my distortion is in action on my single coiled MIM strat. So recently I've been using my ibanez w/ EMGs.

I've heard of people opening up their guitars and shielding the guitar.

Putting in noiseless pups would be quiet pricey.

Is the Boss-NS-2 a poor hum eliminator opposed to the isp ?

As long as you have the decay at 0 on the NS-2 it should be fine, I use one with my rig and I have no noise problems at all.
If it's creative, true to your musical goal, and it sounds good, put it in the song.

1. Guitar, delay, verb, amp, and creativity.
2. Well-tuned acoustic piano and creativity.
3. A bottle of water.