I've searched quite a few stores, and while I'm not buying anything, I'm interested in trying a Fender Mustang. I've never heard or seen one in any store, but I'm not too familiar with the sound. I really like Telecasters and Jaguars for Fender Guitars and was wondering what the difference is with the Mustang.

Does anyone have any experience with one to tell me a little about it? Kurt Cobain used one, but it was heavily modded, so I'm talking about stock features.

It's a Duo-sonic with a tremolo.

Older models are bunk. The Reissues are quality.

Imagine a Strat middle position without the twang, just the bright sound. Perfectly usable tone, not a lot of inherent character. Much more useful if you have a amp or effect that has a specific sound. They (Mustangs/Duo-sonics/musicmasters) were heavily used as trial guitars for amps and effects in guitar stores in the 60s-70s because they were cheap and didn't color the sound of the amp or effect that much.
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