Is a peavey classic 20 loud enough for gigs unmiced? I've found one in a local store for a really good price but I want to know if it can get loud enough for gigs and stay clean enough to play surf rock. I haven't started gigging with my band yet but when I practice in my friends basement my 15 watt solid state amp is loud enough to hear over the drums and my friend's 100 watt bass amp so I'm guessing it's loud enough but I just want to make sure.

Edit: I just found out the classic 20 doesn't have reverb, Would a silvertone 1484 be loud enough to gig with?
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i'll help you out fellow Nirvana fan:

i think the peavey would be better.. but the silvertone should be fine too.

what speaker config is the silvertone? the peavey is a 1x12 which is PLENTY for a gig. i never turn my 1x12 past 2 and a half in the house. (yes, I'm so much of a Nirvana fan it's a fender. )

a peavey with digital reverb would be awesome. I tend to not want reverb when I'm playing distorted so, it'd be nice to switch off reverb once in a while