For studio, or home, recording of guitar and bass, the general recommendation is an active DI. What's your budget?
500. Home studio, it can be either guitar alone or guitar + bass. on a mac ty.
The Summit Audio TD-100, the Avalon Ultra 5 and the Radial J48 are good DIs. The Avalon is just outside your budget, however.

I know you're asking for a DI, but since you mentioned Mac, is it possible that you meant to say recording interface? If that's what you meant, I'd recommend the Tascam US-2000.
I mean whatever you plug a guitar straight into a computer and do that. is that called direct in?
tysm for the help btw
You'd want an interface, not a DI box.
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$100 for a Pod Studio GX if you just plan on Guitar & Bass
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Although I wouldn't get anything with less than 2 inputs and no phantom power.

In most situations, I would too. If hes just looking for guitar and bass, the Pod Studio GX is more than enough
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