I originally did this about a year ago, but now I've re-recorded it, even adding a few parts (the clean riffs).

All done in Reaper, Overloud TH2 for distorted guitar, Guitar Rig 4 for cleans, GTR Solo for bass and Superior Drummer 2.0.

Firstly, I think there is a lot of cool stuff musically you do in there!

But as far as audio goes, it sounds like you're clipping. A lot. I'm assuming you threw a limiter or compressor on the two mix and just crushed it. Back it off so it's not so brickwalled.

I feel like the gate on the guitar is too jarring. You probably meant to do it that way but it's a bit too distracting and doesn't give the guitar the impact that it should have. Maybe back it off a bit as well.

The drums are too widely panned, bring it in a little bit. Don't be afraid to use a bit of reverb. Also, some eq'ing on the snare to make it crack/snap and cut through would add a lot of great impact.

Cool cover man!
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