Hey rich,

The recording/mixing is very very nice for at personal recording I dig it.

minor pitch and breathing problems (sometimes you do that grateful dead type thing where you run out of breath and try to hang onto a note longer than you should)

but I absolutely love the tone of your voice and your vibrato and quavers are fantastic, do you have original music I can hear?

My only other comment would be to straighten out the chorus because you go alittle wobbly when you enter it. Then add in harmonies because rob used to pile on the backups and if I remember correctly especially on this song.

Good job!

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Omg mate you have future . You had did it .

Btw do you tune your guitar yourself or do you use any program? if you use program , could you send it to me please

i say it again, your voice and guitar tune is excellent keep goin' !
i use a tuner, can get one for $20 at any guitar center

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Quote by rich2k4
i use a tuner, can get one for $20 at any guitar center


Sup man, i've seen you around here over the years.

I wasent really digging the Rob Thomas song too much, but I just don't like that song in the first place, and decided to listen to the Nutshell cover.

Really impressed, your voice sounds awesome man.. recording quality sounds nice too, really good tone on the guitar and it's played perfectly. My mother, who loves that song, honestly thought it was alice in chains. I played the entire thing and she was like "I love that band", I had to tell her it was just some random dude on the internet and she was surprised.

I disagree with the breathing issue comment, I thought it was fine. The singing was awesome and the mixing was pretty on spot. Nice job. I'd subscribe, but this isn't youtube.
Great cover man!!!
Love the sound !
I think that your vocals have great potential, there's a tone in your voice that kinda reminds of Eric Martin (Mr.Big), I think that either with practice or some coaching you can really make your voice shine!

You should start the band that you were talking about and do vocals yourself !
monmonmonmonmon. Very simple texture, which I dig for acoustic tracks. Tight guitars, good quality recordings. I'd agree with the slight breathing issues, but other than that the voice is excellent.