So I'm going to college. I don't want to bring a practice amp with me. But I want something for amplification, ie. headphone amp or the such. But it doesn't have to be that. I'm considering computer interfaces as well. Doesn't have to be ultraportable, just something to get me through. Willing to spend probably ~$100, more if it is a substantial investment however. Bottom line: Looking for something small that can let me play bass amplified without disturbing everyone else. So I'd appreciate it if you had any suggestions.
Thank you.
What about an amplug?

EDIT: Yeah, or something like that ^
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Do you have an ipod/iphone? The Ampkit by peavy or amplitube are both pretty good, some effects and amps to muck around with too, just need to buy the little adapter which is about $40 AUD no clue anywhere else though.
but what if a cute girl wants to hear you play? or two?? can't give them both a headphone, a small practice amp can be headphoned, and put to a computer.
Line 6 Pod or another PC interface. If you have a decent pair of speakers for your computer you can just play though them if you need to hear without headphones.
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I did the same thing when I went to college... I bought a Line 6 Pod Studio UX2, its a digital interface but it also comes with Pod Farm "free".

I think it was something like $200, and you get the interface with a couple dozen amp modles and some effects. For $50 you can upgrade the modle pack and you get a few dozen more modles, some more effects even a synth which is kind of neat... to noodle around with.

They make a UX1 version which books for somewhere around $150, and still inclues Pod Farm.

Its a bit more than $100 but, It may be worth wild to check out, or not.

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You could something like a Korg Pandora, along with a decent set of headphones and presuming you already have laptop. Just plug in your bass headphones and connect an aux from your laptop and play away. A lot of them also have a usb interface built in.
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Thanks for the suggestions. Although, not too much I haven't already looked at in some research but some things to think about surely. We will certainly see...