I have recently acquired an older harmony guitar, it was rewired by a blind man somewhere down the line and sold to me for $50. I'm in the final stage of bringing her to life again. I am using the pots that came with it, the volume is a 500k and the tone is 100k, the pickups look like metal thin p90's and it only has a neck and middle position. I'm taking out the original .047 cap for a mica .022, but with a 24" scale will this be a very dark guitar?
sounds more bright than dark to me, with the exception of the tone pot.
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Well after doing some reading and assumption work, it turns out a lot of teisco, kay and harmony guitars and basses were wired with very little consistency (shocker), but one thing that seems to be apparent is a lot of people who dislike their guitars sound have opened them to find the volume pot to be 100k and the tone to be 500k, but the pots can even be mislabeled as 10k and 50k and linear. While this might have been fine on the basses of the time, giving them a consistent thump, I believe anyone with a darker sounding guitar should check and reverse or replace their pots, as I did on accident. I am still unsure of the overall tone that will be achieved

would using a vibrato on a zero fret guitar be overly damaging?