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This thread is dedicated to Malcolm Lee Pugh, a god amongst us mere mortals! For those of you unfamilar with this fantastic artist, I suggest you check out his work.

1- Inferi- Malcolm's Melodeath band. Releases- Divinity In War, The End Of An Era.
2- A Loathing Requiem- Malcolm's Brutal Tech Death band, he is the sole member. Releases- Psalms Of Misanthropy.
3-Diskreet- Malcolm plays lead guitar for this one. It's just some straigh Tech Death, on the more brutal side. Releases- Engage The Mechanicality is the official release, which feature Malcolm, wrote four songs just by himself, co-wrote all the others.
4-Enfold Darkness- Malcolm joined after their first release, Our Cursed Rapture. Hear him on The Sanctuaries w/ a guest solo.
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Very talented guy but grossly underrated. He even looks like stephen carpenter
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