I use pro tools and a digidesign mbox, on a AMD Dual Core 2ghz (oc'd to 2.2) processor pc. Frankly, im running out of power. If i'm mixing a few tracks i'll have to write the tracks or disable plugins before getting playback errors. Thats even with the highest buffer size. I've allready spent a lot of time optimizing my PC.

I was thinking at the end of the year to get a new machine or at least upgrade my own. (Which includes a probable replacement of the mobo, since its still running DDR RAM and still has 939 processor sockets.)

I was looking at the Mac G5s on ebay, which are within my price range. A quad core 2.5ghz, 8gb ram, 1tb HD for around £500. I've heard of some reliability issues, anybody got any insight?

I know they wont handle snow leopard, which is cool, because they dont make drivers for the mbox on snow leopard.

When it comes to processors, for audio production whats better, speed or number of cores?

I'm fully aware i could get a better PC for the same cost. But I love OS X, id really like to try logic too.
At my school, we use those exact models you mentioned in our studios. They've yet to fail me. I also had a hard time even getting it to lag with 16 tracks recording simultaneously and plugins on almost all of them. What you want to do is upgrade your m-box. As long as you have at least 4 gig of ram in your current computer, a better mbox (preferably firewire interfaced) might solve that problem in a cheaper way.
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Im not sure i understand why a newer mbox would improve my computers capability of handling lots of plugins? The CPU gets maxed out, but my mbox keeps up just fine.

I plan on getting a 003 in the future anyway.

My computer has 2.5gb of RAM, buying DDR ram is quite expensive because its outdated. Im also running XP which wont use more than 3.5gb, RAM usage during sessions isnt a problem for me at all. I'm pretty reluctant to go windows 7.
I wouldn't bother with a PowerPC based Mac at this point in time. Apple is already ending all support for PPC with Lion, which means that you're inevitably going to see progressively less support from other developers.
Its a good point, but having outdated software/hardware has never really bothered me as long as its functional. I dont need the latest apple gadgets or CPU intensive plugins, as long as i can run Pro Tools 8 & Logic with a few additional plug ins, do some word processing and graphics work, dual boot XP for gaming i'm happy. Hardware wise, all i need is Firewire and a CD burner.

Microsoft has stopped supporting XP but that hasnt stopped me from sticking by it, avid dropped the mbox 1 long ago, again that hasnt stopped me using it, my PCs a good 10-15 years old at least.

Other than that, are there any reasons not to go with PPC mac?
I hear the intel macs are faster, even with equivilant specs. I mean, i could try get a duocore imac used, but it doesnt offer much for expansion.
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I plan on getting a 003 in the future anyway.

I'm going to stop your whole discussion on getting a new compy and say avoid this like the plague. The 003's are known for having terrible preamps in them. You'll essentially spend $1000+ (depending on the model) for something that won't provide good results.

Heres my recommendation:
*Upgrade to Pro Tools 9
*Build a solid Windows PC for $600-$800 with a quad core processor, 8gb of ram and a 500gb processor. A mac with these stats will cost you about $2000, save some cash. Its not worth going Mac unless you plan on using it pro (in my opinion)
*Pick up a Focusrite Saffire Pro 40, a much better interface
*Celebrate knowing you didn't sell your soul to apple and didn't waste $1000+ on a shitty interface

As for the whole PC vs Mac debate (which recently officially broke up what was left of the friendship between an ex and I, not that I give a shit about her but anyways), Macs are faster out of the box since most PCs now come loaded with so much extra shit if you buy like a Dell or HP or Whatever. With a slight bit of tweaking (like an hour or two), your PC will run smoother than any mac. My PC boots using less than 500mb of my 8gb of ram (running Vista, yeah). I load up my roommates GF's macbook, 800mb of her 4gb is used before she even gets fully booted.

Also, I feel that everyone I know who owns something apple other than an iPod has this elitest sense that they're better than everyone because they own an apple product. Its like your intelligence goes straight out the door. Like my ex who said that 50% of the world uses apple computers and everything she says is right because she had a degree in fashion marketing.
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Quote by beckyjc
I use a AMD Dual Core 2ghz (oc'd to 2.2) processor pc. ... I've allready spent a lot of time optimizing my PC...My computer has 2.5gb of RAM...Im also running XP

And your computer chokes on a few tracks??!!

I had a Celeron 1.7 Ghz (single core - not over-clocked) with 1GB of RAM running XP and I was getting upwards to 36 tracks of 24-bit audio with plugins as appropriate. I was recording them ten at a time.

What are you doing that it chokes? Are they audio tracks? VSTis? What plugins are you using?

It shouldn't be your computer that is doing this. I'm wondering if you have a dodgy plugin that is mucking with your system.

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Well i was gunna get the 003 used, then buy a focusrite rack for preamps using the ADAT expansion. Which would cost me around £700 in total.

It'd cost me like £300 to buy PT9, £400 for the focusrite, and id probably still need more preamps.

I dont see it being more cost effective. Not to mention I wanna stick with XP anyway if i do get a PC, which PT9 doesnt support, vista sucks donkey balls, windows 7 is nice, but its a lot of extra graphical crap which I dont need, there's lots of issues with its stability and compatibility for recording because its still a new OS, it took em long enough to get XP right. I've spent many hours slimming down XP and tweaking.

And you broke up with your girlfriend over apple vs microsoft? Some real issues you got there mate.

Though you're probably right on getting a monsterous PC and saving some cash. I might go down the hackintosh route to try logic out.

FYI, the only apple products i like are macs and the iphone. Yes they are very expensive, but you pay for the software mostly, not the hardware, and whether its worthwhile is up to the person. OS X is a beautifull OS, I used to be all nazi apple too, untill I got too college and had to spend time working with macs then fell in love. Frankly, if i had the money to burn, i'd happily overpay for a top of the line mac.

^Not strictly, it depends on what im doing. If im just processing recorded audio I could have about 8 tracks of audio 2 basic plugins a track (Comp/EQ), a few aux busses for reverb, and it'd handle that.

It's mostly when I wanna use more CPU hungry plug-ins, like amplitube 3, which will max my CPU if I use more than one, guitar rig isnt as bad it'll manage a few but I like amplitube better. Also midi drums is when my computer grinds to a halt. Using Natives abbey road, way greedy plugin, Ill try a few more VST drums see if i can find anything less consuming. I'll usually have to write the tracks to audio and get rid of the plugin before I can do anything more with them.
I think people in professional recording will tell you to shell out the money for a high-end Mac, and having done some recording in a pro studio with a Mac as the main board, I agree with them. I think his gear ran into the 10s of thousands of $$, though. In ££, that's still a lot of money.

However, as a PC user myself, I have to say sticking with XP is a mistake. Windows 7 is vastly superior, and the fact that it doesn't top out your RAM use at 3+GB is a huge improvement over XP, especially for resource-heavy sound recording. For my purposes (knocking around in my basement and having fun with multi-tracking to no particular ends), my Win7 PC works fine, but it's nothing like a pro Mac setup.

I'm a mac guy, but I'd be very hesitant to recommend anyone buy something that's outdated that much now. If you're going to shell out money, you'd be better off in the long run to shell out a little more and get something that you can keep somewhat current.

I also recommend staying away from the 003s UNLESS you get the Black Lion mod. A BL'd 003 is sick.
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However, as a PC user myself, I have to say sticking with XP is a mistake. Windows 7 is vastly superior, and the fact that it doesn't top out your RAM use at 3+GB is a huge improvement over XP, especially for resource-heavy sound recording.

Lol, yes it does. That has nothing to do with XP vs 7, it is 32-bit vs 64-bit. 32 bit caps at ~3.25-3.75 GB of RAM usage, and 64-bit has virtually no limit.

edit: Just so this is clear, Windows 7 still does use more resources than XP (albeit not much more), I was just correcting what you said. The difference really is marginal, and Windows 7 is definitely better (if you're not severely strapped on hardware) especially because of all the added utility of Windows 7.
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It'd cost me like £300 to buy PT9, £400 for the focusrite, and id probably still need more preamps.

Why the hell would you need more than 8 for home recording?
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