So people Ive decided after about 4 builds I want to build another since the first was a failure of an electric guitar made out of soft timber, had a far too of a high action and I really could not be bothered fixing it up sooooo... the second was a banjo built out of a tin can that had a humbucker in it that would electrocute me regularly... the third was a ukulele built out of a coconut body that was far to quite and the 4th was a cigar box slide guitar.. I suck at slide.. soo ive failed far too many times..

time for one that works?

So this time around Im going to rip off a fellow who built a parlor guitar out of Popsicle sticks, looks bloody amazing!


I ordered a Box of about 4000 thousand of these Popsicle sticks and hopefully something really pretty comes out of it!

Im thinking a Concert Ukulele.. maybe a pineapple style rather than the typical body shape, simply because it will be easier in my opinion... so tell me what you guys think and give me some ideas please!

Once I get the Popsicle sticks Ill add regular pictures of it and youtube videos showing my progress and working as a guide if any one wants to build their own.

Cheers people
Wow. It would be great to see if you can pull this off. It almost looks like marquetry, it'll be interesting to know how it sounds... Looking forward to see some pics.