Afternoon all (in Britain atleast).

Just recorded a new song today called "A Permenant Lapse of Reason" (see what i did thar?)

Anyway it was recorded as a show demo to send a buddy who wants to start a project together to let him see the sort of stuff i do usualy and since he's at work till 6 would love some other feedback in the mean time.

It's in my profile as the top song.

As always it comes with a C4C guarantee.

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Sounds cool, the intro could use an epic horn line and it would sound amazing. The screaming kinda caught me off guard but it didn't sound too bad, better than I could do with screaming lol. my only real complaint would be that the drums were kinda boring, which is understandable, and that it needs more horns, if you can. Really cool song overall though, I like your clean tone.

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