so guys i know the rule of a thumb: 250k for single coils and 500k for humbuckers. anyways i am installing 2 dual rail pickups into my strat soon (to arrive any minute now) and i have this issue. changing my pots is not an option and i have 250k pots. i am thinking this could make the pickups darker a bit... I know i could install a bass cut knob (like as one of the tone knobs) and that's the way ima most probably go but i was wondering lately, I want to keep my tone knobs the way they are cause i like it, so woud it work if i'd put a little trimpot inside my guitar's cavity and make it a bass cut pot (one for each pickup), I'd set it up to my preferred brightness and leave it there and then if i'd need something with less treble i'd use my stock treble cut pots

i wonder if it'll work huh?
It may work, but remember that cutting bass =/= increacing treble.

Why is changing the pots out of the question? That would be a pretty simple and straightforward way, I'd think
Add a resistor to the pot to bring it up to 300k? Maybe a 250k resistor on the high side of the tolerance... Still need to look up that mod and try it out.
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^ Yeah, you can wire a resistor to the pot to change its value. Use a multimeter to check your values.
Add a 250K resistor in series and the Pot goes from 5-10. Or you can go for 100K or something maybe?
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hmm a dude from DIY stomp boxes said with the volume maxed it won't make much difference but lowering the volume will make the pups go darker easily (or something like that, i can get you the link) but suggested a 1nF cap on outer lugs of the volume pot. will this work? (aint it treble bleed thing?)