Hi Guys,

So I bought a stock Crybaby GCB-95 for cheap a while back and decided to start modding it.

The only thing I've done so far is change the 33k resistor to a 68k as recommended here http://www.wah-wah.co.uk/diy.html

This made a nice change to the vocal sweep of the wah and it sounds a whole lot better.

Anyway, next thing I decided to do was change the pot. I bought a 100k icar taper for it as I was told this would also greatly improve it. I put it in last night, all wired up correctly and it doesn't sound good at all, even worse than when stock. Does any one know why? Are there other parts I need to change with this installed in order to get the best out of it? Or was it just a wrong move putting it in in the first place?

Any help would me much appreciated.

If you think it sounds worse, I'd put the old one back in. I have no idea why the new one sounds worse though.

Many people replace the stock inductor with a Fasel or similar upgrade.

Edit: Some already come with this, and sometimes it's possible for a dual inductor mod (like that sweet Custom Audio wah)
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