just some post-rock I threw together last night after listening to F# A# infinity for the first time. Enjoy!

I'll write a crit in the morning.


Sorry this is a bit late, woke up with an epic stomach ache the other morning. Wasn't really feeling up to it.

The problem with the posts on this forum is they tend to fall in 3 categories.

1. Really solid piece of music
2. Really shit.
3. Metal/death/prog/some over genred crap.

Anyway, yours is in the first category. It's a great solid piece of music, flows beautifully, rises/falls at all the right times. The trouble is that it's very hard to crit 'objectively' (Ok, obviously any crit is going to be subjective but bear with me..)

I suppose my criticism of this piece is that the guitar work is overly simple and it's very 'safe' You've basically taken one idea and built on it throughout the song, and that's ok, it's pretty much the cornerstone of post-rock. But IMO it's one of the hardest parts in writing the instrumental parts of a song, is moving past your first idea and coming up with the next, sort of 'motif' of the song.

Not that there's anything wrong with what you've done, it sounds great but I think you should give it some more time.. as you said, you wrote it in like a few days or something and you can kinda tell. Music benefits from taking a break and coming back, perhaps with a new perspective or something.

I'm guessing you wrote the majority of this in GP?

So in conclusion, you've got a really great piece of music right there, I guess it's just exactly what you'd expect from a post rock song. It's really up to you whether you want to leave it as that or give it some time and see where it takes you, write something that really surprises the listener. Anyway great work.

Oh, I just realized I haven't even talked about the drumming yet
It's not bad... nothing special. Maybe try messing around with the other midi drum sounds? Kit 24 has a really cool electronic kinda sound.

Also, are you planning to add vocals?

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