Dear folks

Anyone has an idea of what brand/type guitar this is?
I bought it on a curiosa sale today. The guy who sold it said he didn't know, but I decided to buy it because he offered me a very low price, and I think it's a cool guitar.
I was wondering if anyone would know what kind it is.

regards, Jan
First thing that came to my mind was Danelctro but I don't it really is one.
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no idea but it looks like a prop from a 60s sci fi show, what the hell do all those switches and knobs do lol? Looks pretty interesting anyway
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It's like a Danelectro had sex with a 70s record player, made a Braun toaster the godfather of the offspring and dressed it in a Rickenbacker's clothes.

i just spit my jack Daniel's all over my screen
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It's a Solo II, made in Borisov, Belorussia in the mid '80s


It has onboard effects (a fuzz and a phaser), hence the button-and-switch-fest. Pretty cool thing, just don't expect anything particulary refined :-)

Dear sir/madam,

I can't tell you how much I would like to thank you. Just the fact that I have a friggin' SOVIET guitar stuns me. I found out it needs a 9volt battery, so maybe when I put one inside it will make a sound. (tried but didn't make a sound). do you have an idea about the worth of this thing? I paid about 30 euros for it.
yes the look is cool, but still no sound
I can only hear some hum when I touch a string or hardware
Maybe I will remove all the crazy effects and shit which is inside and just connect the elements to a JACK plug. but when I look inside I can't find what could be wrong.