Hi, I'm new on UG and am buying a new electric guitar. So far I've picked out the amp and multi-effects pedal : zoom g2.nu. But I can't decide on which guitar to go with. My playing style is mainly heavy,thrash and death metal and a bit of avenged sevenfold, but I also like hard rock\bluesy stuff like guns n roses, alter bridge. Oh and I also listen to a lot of bucket head, joe satriani, type stuff so the neck needs to be smooth. I need a versatile guitar. So far, my choices are :

Schecter Damien Elite FR - $730 (I have to import it)
Jackson Dx10d - $560
Jackson Wrxt - $ 620
Schecter Damien 6 fr - $600 ( the one that looks like Batman's guitar)

What are the pros and cons of these guitars? Which will be suited for my playing style? Which is best quality? And I've been saving up a lot for this one and don't want to regret spending too much and I don't think I'll be able to buy another guitar for quite some time
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I have a schecter damian 6 FR, and while it is a great guitar, I would suggest that you don't get it as the floyd rose will drive you batshit insane until you get used to it, and that may not be something you want on your first electric guitar. You could always just block the FR though, because it really is a nice guitar.

EDIT: btw, don't spend $600 on that guitar, you can easily get it for less, want to say I got mine for around $400
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