I got a new guitar, and due to it being in Standard tuning (I usually play in dropped tunings), I decided to cover the intro solo to Fade to Black.

Feedback would be appreciated


Thanks. And C4C.
its a great cover would like to see a cover of the whole thing(its one of my fav metallica songs)
i also commented on the the video

c4c anything in my youtube page really
Eeep. Tune up :/
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Cool cover to a great intro of an awesome song.

Just tune it up as Azreal mentioned before.

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Quote by lilhurt
He's not out of tune, he's just not in tune with the song; Metallica tuned their instruments slightly sharp on this song, they did the same thing on For Whom The Bell Tolls. Just tune your guitar slightly sharper than standard tuning and you'll be good. Other than that, great job man, it was spot on!

C4C https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1449159

That must be it. I didn't realise that the song was slightly sharp.

Thanks for the reply.
Good job man, just like others are saying here, the track is sharp and that's screwing with it a lot. This was one of the first solos I ever really practiced a lot and it took me years to get good enough to do that little arpeggiated part, and you nailed that.