Hi, I have a question. I've been playing acoustic for 7 months, and I am planing to buy my frist electric guitar next month. Is it early for electric? Should I practice more acoustic, or it's ok to buy electric by now. I made a big progress, learnt a bunch of songs, spend a much time practicing scales , rhythm, improvising... And I don't really know what guitar to buy. I watched some reviews and I am thinking about jackson js32 warrior or Ibanez grg270b. I know these guitar sounds good for metal, but what's about clean sound? As much as I'll be playing metal (Metallica, Slayer, Megadeth, Slipknot), I'll be playing softer stuff too (G 'n' R, Lynyrd Skynyrd, BB king, Clapton, Led Zepp). Are these guitars good for it? what do you think?
If you want to buy an electric then get one. Don't worry about how much progress you've made on acoustic. It'll help, but playing electric is certainly a different style of playing.

I wouldn't recommend getting a guitar with a floating vibrato as your first electric. They can be a pain to restring and tune until you know what you're doing with them, and the vibratos on cheaper guitars tend to be poor quality and lose their tuning stability quite quickly. You'd be better off with a hardtail or a vintage trem for now.

You're not going to get a great sounding electric in that sort of price range, but in terms of tone the guitar doesn't matter so much as the amp does. The amp contributes the vast majority of your tone, so as long as you get a decent amp it should sound alright.
What's your budget?

For your amp, I recommend a Roland Micro Cube or a Cube 15XL [or even 20XL]. Cube amps are versatile.


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We need your budget.

I reccommend that whatever your guitar will be, it should not have a double locking tremolo. For a beginner they're more of a hassle than they're worth. People can and will forgive you for not going wheewheewhee-boooooommm when you first start playing for friends.

PS. I've seen smooth jazz played on a BC Rich Probeast. Any guitar can do any sound with the right amp. For your intended purpose, a Roland Cube will do nicely.
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well budget for guitar would be around 300 Euro's (maybe more or less) and for amp around 120 euro. I read that Marshall MG15 15W Guitar Combo. 2 Channel amp might be good, or Roland Cube-15X.
nah the mgs are pretty poor and while the cubes are generally good, the 30 watter is where they start getting good (or alternatively consider the microcube which is a bit cheaper but which still has some amp models).

for the guitar... yamaha pacifica 112v is pretty nice and versatile, but for 300 euro you might (not certain) be able to stretch to something slightly nicer.
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