Been a while since i've lurked these boards, but I needed some critique on these songs I recorded the other day.

I lack confidence when it comes to my voice, but let me know what you think;


Turn up the sound loud, I ****ed up with the volume when I put it on CD and you really have to play it with decent speakers and high levels to hear it well.

One vocal track, two guitars. Pretty much done in one take so it's a little rough, but enjoy. Theres also another link in my sig for the band im in where I play lead guitar if you feel like listening to more

Will return critique, thanks!
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Wow your a really talented guitarist all it needs are the vocals to be abit louder. Great recordings and thank you very much for the critique really appriciated it
Peaceful Rocker,
"Track 1": Guitar playing is pretty good, & the guitar melodies are very good! I think your singing is quite good actually! Nice vocal melodies & song! My only gripe is some background noise at the very beginning. "Track 2": Your vocals kind of remind me of Jethro Tull on this one: good vocals again (singing & melodies)! Very nice guitar playing & melodies! Nice song! I would say the recording sounds pro on this one except the extraneous noise at the very end. Thanks for the earlier review(s)!
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Thanks for commenting on my thread, Here is my Critic on your tracks..

Track 1:
Vocals are defiantly suited to your type of playing. I really enjoyed the vocals on it. The guitar melodies are great and they go really well with the song. The strumming on this track is brilliant, you have a good thing going on there...

Track 2:
Again, great strumming, you really get the best sound out of those chords you could get. And great vocals... I had the same impression from the first track really... so great job! Your talented..
Peaceful Rocker -

Both tracks are super smooth. I liked all your melodies, and your acoustic sounds fantastic. Did you mic it? What kind of mic did you use? As far as your voice, you certainly aren't a bad singer. I noticed that sometimes it sounds like you are simply holding back a lot (example at 2:22 of track 1) - I know you're belting it, but it sounds to me like you're singing from your throat instead of your diaphragm. Many fully developed professional musicians do this too, as it provides a unique sound. However it seems like in your case, you may just have felt a struggle to hit the note and so you approached the line apprehensively rather then just going for it. IMO that's one of the only things that could improve your music - the playing is tight and your lyrics/singing suit it just fine.

i can't get the songs to play for some reason

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You sound a little foreign which is good. It adds tone to your voice and I like it. The dual guitars with the lead sounds great. It's missing some ambient sounds. I think adding some strings or synth would make it stand out more in some parts. But as it stands now its good.

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Thanks for the feedback guys, hopefully i can return crit when i get aroubd a computer this weekend, im very busy