Hey everyone. I have been doing some research into guitar amps and am looking at picking something new up. The following is an idea of what I am after.

Zakk Wylde Epiphone with EMG-HZ pups. (will be replacing pups eventually)
A whole array of different effects pedals (kind of a tech junkie lol)
Peavey Banditt 112 (I bought at a pawn shop but its crap)
Washburn Bad Dog (My first practice amp)

The Banditt is definatelly worn in which is why I am wanting a new amp.

Styles of Music:
Metal, Hard/Classic Rock, Punk Rock, Blues etc.

I like to play an array of music and I know that some amps will be better at certain things than others. I would like an amp thats versatile however at the same time its not above me to end up with two different ones eventually (lets say a metal amp and one with very nice cleans for example)

CKY, Metallica, Nirvana, Linkin Park, Pantera, Guns and Roses, The Doors, Led Zeppellin, Papa Roach, Blink 182, Sublime etc.

I definatelly like to play more of the harder types of songs.

I am just a bedroom guitarist that may go out and jam with a couple of friends but i wont be gigging at all. I mostly play in my basement so it can get somewhat loud

I have ruled out solid state as i have one already. I am leaning more towards an all tube amp however I would like opinions between that and some of the new hybrid moddeller amps ( peavey vypyr tube 60 in particular). *Keep in mind i have ass loads of pedals*

Also if you could suggest and opinionate different models of amps to consider and/or go test out (with reasoning).

I am looking for something under $1000 can (without tax), i would prefer 60w or less as that is plenty in a tube amp and im playing at my house ( i will grab a thd hotplate if need be outside the price of the amp). I want something that can handle pedals really well. I would prefer 12" speaker and something that has just an all round excellent tone and good quality amp.

I hope this is enough information to get some useful advice, if not just ask and i will post more.

I thought i would post as i am inexperienced with amps and when spending upwards to $1500 i would like to try and make the best choice the first time lol. And what better place to get advice then from the people who use the equipment all the time Have a good one Guys

The Following i got to briefly try but will need to go back and try again:

Peavey Classic 30
Peavey Valveking 112
Peavey Vypyr Tube 60
Used 50 watt Hughes & Kettner Switchblade 112 combo. Very good sounding at all sounds you stated, by no means the best at them all. But it will do them all very well and is loud enough if ever gig.

Or if you live in Canada check out traynor amps, cause they sound great and are cheap as hell here
Carvin custum dc 747
Ibanez rg 520qs
Homemade Nocaster
Hofner violin bass
Hughes & Kettner Swithcblade 100 head
Ampeg v-4 412's (one with veteran 30's one with stock speakers)
Randall 412
Vintage Supra
ISP Decimater G-string
I'd be happy to help you. You have a decent budget. I've owned a Valveking and now own a Vypyr 60. I have experience with the Classic 30 as well. Why do you have a bunch of pedals and do you need all of them? For reference, I ran my delay pedal into my Vypyr and it sounded fine.

In order for me to REALLY help, I'd need to know where you live - or least your closest major city. Without that info - I'll just recommend the Vypyr 60 or the 6505+112
Well I live in Grande Prairie Alberta but it is no problem to slip into edmonton or calgary.

Pedals are like toys to me... I dont really have a need or even a use for a bunch of them ( i mostly just use delay chorus and maybe an overdrive or the odd distortion). I have them mostly due to boredom and disposable income. That being said i could stretch the wallet on this amp as well.

The H&K suggessted looks alright i may add that to the list to find and try out.
50 watts is a bit extreme for celar dwellar unless his friends own monsterously loud gear. with 1500 id avoid moddlers because you would only use one or two settings anyway maybe more if you sprang for one of.foot switches.
You could try the Line 6 Vetta (used) - a brilliant modeller!

The Traynor is a great shout too.

Haven't tried the Vypyr so can't comment on that but it does seem to get some good love!

Alternatively you could get a good cleans oriented amp and run a pod through it like the new HD500 maybe?
I dont read to much about vox besides people comparing there moddellers against peavey, fender, and spider. How do they fair when compared to other suggestions
so I found a used switchblade 100 head and cab. I am making arrangements to go and try it out, i also found a Mesa 212 Dual rect roadster combo for $1800 (he bought used from long and mcquade) would that be an alright deal?

I have recently heard the mesa dual rect. head on matching cab and loved it would the roadster combo be anything like the head?

I was Also wondering if anybody has tried the Mesa Express 5:25 and how that would compare to the dual rect head as well.

Lol lots of shopping lately... Through looking at the H&K (thanks escaping anxiety) i noticed they have four different "statesman" combos each with a different tube combination... Would anybody know or have any experience with these amps?