Lately ive been digging Misha mansoors sound on Periphery so my question is could you put high-output humbuckers, say bareknuckles aftermath's or warpig's into a semi-hollow guitar(an epiphone DOT) would they react badly, and increase feedback??my end goal is to turn my dot into a killer metal machine... PLEASE HELP...
well firstly, he uses a 7 string.. secondly, he uses compression and noise gates to get the djent sound, and thirdly it may not react badly, but the dot is a jazz guitar at the end of the day, it won't cut it if you want to get a progressive metal sound from it.
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I would advice you to get a guitar that's more aimed towards the progressive kind of sound, instead of using a semi-hollow guitar... From what I've heard, it's more or less impossible to get a good metal tone from those.
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