Couldn't find a recent thread for this exceptional band, so here's one now

Love this band so much. So many lovely, catchy songs. I don't think they've ever released a bad album either. Heather is probably my favourite female vocalist besides Bilinda Butcher

Any other fans?
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I've heard them, they're alright. Any song suggestions, maybe I need to listen to abit more.



Some of my favourites. You can't really go wrong with albums, but 'You Turn Me On' is my favourite
I've been looking around for their stuff in record stores around here and haven't been able to find anything!
I guess I'll have to just buy it online.

really great band though. love lo-fi.
I've only ever heard one of their songs from the Kurt's Top 50 (songs mentioned in his diaries) playlist on Youtube. I quite liked it though.
I've met Calvin a few times now and he continues to be one of the coolest and nicest musicians. I love everything he's done and k records is great. Favorite BH album is definitely "You Turn Me On".

I made a human pyramid with him once.