hello all, i live in the uk, i'm unable to start the 3 day trail.
i just bought guitar pro 6 to edit and learn music. can someone please tell me is the downloads, backing tracks, and tabs compatible with Gpro6.
Thank Brian

oops wrote the tiltle wrong meant to say ''outside the us''
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You should be able to open any version of a guitar pro file file guitarpro 6. Sometimes it messes with palm mutes though.
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guitar pro 6 files support .gp3, .gp4, .gp5, and .gp6, as far as I know.
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Thanks lads for you replies. want i would like to do is to sign up to ulitmate Guitar learn new tracks, tricks and backing music but the thing is, being outside the good old US of A it won't let me do the 3 day trial nor can can i find the link to pay for 3 months. can someone please point me to the link where i can join.
I think you're confusing Guitar Pro with Tab Pro. Guitar Pro's been around for donkeys years. Tab Pro is ultimate guitar's new version of the same thing.