Hi i'm a 14 year old aspiring rock musician and i've just written my first composition and i'd really appriciate some constructive critisism it's a ballad type song. So far i've only finished the instrumental as i'm still working with the vocals and lyrics. Its on youtube the link is just below. Thanks.

LINK: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5Ab0J-zDxGU
Honestly man, to be 14. Your playing is damn impressive. While you might not be playing anything fast, or flashy per say, you have an excellent sense of timing already and your struming just is very pleasing to listen to.

The lead playing ( is that a second guitar I hear in the background?) Just seems really, I guess, either too quite in the mix or like you arent playing it with enough confidence. I also hear one note you're hitting with the second guitar that just sounds completly off to me. But you're also so quiet in the mix, that most people wouldnt even notice it

It sounds good, stick with it you're a talanted kid.

If you want to return critique on some songs I recorded a few days ago, it would be much appreciated


Here's a link to a recording I made last week, you should check it out and return critique! Nobody else has replied yet
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