Okay so for school I have to make a homemade instrument. I decided to make a guitar (Anyone have different suggestions?)
So basically, I need a bit help on how to construct it.
halp wat do

I'm not making a full on guitar, something that will take about 6 classes (80 minutes each) to make.
All it really needs is to play some form of notes.
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Hi, try a Cigar box guitar. There are no rules on how to build it. Go on YT and watch some videos.I've built 2. and you can get most of the wood and some hardware from Home Depot.If you can't find a actual cigar box then a wood craft box from a Craft Store will work.Really fun to build too.
A cigar box is a good idea if you want to throw a few inexpensive things together and have something that makes noise. If you do it right, they can be a ton of fun to play, but there is no way to build a nice one in that amount of time. If you have some money to spend on it and want something really nice that will last you your entire life, I would recommend getting a kit.


Go with the bolt on neck if you do. If you ever want to truly build a guitar for yourself from scratch (my proudest accomplishment) then you need a TON of tools or access to a well stocked woodshop, as well as hundreds of hours of time to devote to it. Whatever you end up doing, good luck and have fun with it!
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Here are some pics. When you are finished with it you can use it as a lunch box then play it while you eat.LOL. .Both have piezos in them ( They are like guitar pickups). you buy them at radio shack.but you can play it as a acoustic and the sound is fantastic.