Song title: Shell
Sung by: Bana
Series name: Witch Hunter Robin

Song Tab@ultimateguitar

The song youtube

Im trying to learn this song, but I can not figure out the string striking pattern of the intro.

Can you help me please?

I have 2 tabs for intro & i dunno now which one to use:
Intro:  (Em  C  G  D) 2x

-----------------0- -3p0------ 
-----0--1----0---3- ------3p0- 
-----0--0----0---2- ---------- 
-----2--2-0--0---0- ---------- 
-----2--3-2--2----- ---------- 
-0-0-0----3-------- ---------- 

I have gotten this far:

E string - Down
E string - Down
Em - Down & fast mute all strings

yes this is as far as I have gotten.

I also tried to tune my guitar 1/2 step down & i think I did it right, but I still have no clue what effect & how many effects to use with my AMP to get the same sound. I tried distortion, but it was horrible.

Maybe you can tell me how many Percent % I should turn AMP buttons left or right.?
AMP layout:

Guitar Layout:
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