This is one my song that i cannot finish. To be honest i can't finished any of them
But i think now I have to learn how to complete my creations.So i want you guys to help me I looking for some critic (who knows maybe this is a musical garbage),some tips or advices how to make it better.
Well this is pop punk.It shouldn't be so complex
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Not sure how to do it more interesting but i'll try

when you do chords on the A and D strings instead of the standard straight power chords do some thing like
D|9 11 9 11 9
A|7 7 7 7 7

Its kinda hard to make tabs on here
you're a stone fox
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I liked the intro riff, but after that, there's very little variation or anything to add interest. Try riffs that aren't straight eighth notes, and work on your drum track. Also, in the verse, at bar 16, it sounds awkward to have the bass at 5th fret on the E; move it to 5th on the A.

C4C? The link's in my sig.