my dog was on surgery like three days ago, these days my dog it was still anesthetized and he didn't want to drink water or to eat, the vet say's that instead of water we should give gatorade to him, so my mom bought o lat of grape gatorade, I like grape gatorade and she bought a lot, so sometimes I drink from it, this morning like fifteen minutes ago, I take a drink from the gatorade bottle, but I perceive an strange flavor, and I see next to the bottle a little box with medicine for my dog, so I think my mother put medicine on the gatorade, the medicine is called bio est 3v which is basically vitamins, I think nothing is wrong with those, there is also Ceproheptadine, I started to feel sleepy and with very slight blurred vision., I have just searched on internet an these are some side effects of this.

what I can do If the side effects get worse?

any advice pit?
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i thik u also lost engli'sh ,ur

you'll feel better after about 24 hours, you'll notice a change in 'bluriness' after 12 hours.
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