not sure if you memory owns know this but i just lent my pedals out to a buddy (memory toy) and when i got it back i was jamming and forgot to plug it bakc inot my 1 spot.

well, when i turned it on, i realized the feedback (repeats) were WAY more subtle than i was use too and the pedal would not oscilate on any setting. i thought my friend either broke (or fixed) the pedal.

well turns out, i plugged it back in and it went to normal. now i am not sure if it was a low battery (i dont pay attention to the batteries) or the pedal just performs that much better with wall power.

has anybody tested this with fresh batteries? for people who want more repeats with no oscilation they might just want to run their EHX delays on battery power for specific songs.
Sounds like a dying battery to me. Batteries actually give you a little more voltage (9.6 or so) than a wall unit, so it would be unlikely that a fresh battery would result in diminished performance.
I have a Memory Toy and I had exactly the same thing. The pedal's performance is VASTLY improved with fresh batteries or a power supply.
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oh cool.

well i was just figuring in a song if i wanted longer repeats with no ocscilation, i could just unlug it. however, if it is a low batt thing, then i run the risk of my signal cutting out.

which brings e to a question: can these pedals allow signal through without a battery or power source? ie - true true bypass?