Hi gguuyys and giiirllllls!!!

I though about putting this on the trading forum, but it is kinda specialised.

Is there anyone in the UK with the ability to repair a set of dead headphones?

The situation: The cans are quite nice ones, to my ears and they developed the typical 'cutting out at the jack' problem. So I bought a replacement jack and tried to fix them today.

My main issue is that the wire is not particularly great - it is painted shielding between the wires, not the plastic banding.

Lets just say that I am not up to the job.

So is anyone willing to do it for me? I can supply the jack, the phones, postage and a small incentive (not to much though - the phones are only worth £90)

Please only offer if you have fixed this sort of thing before?

Or, on the other hand... anytips? I tried twice and crossed the channels twice, first the left then the right!


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