So, I started my day trying to drum to a Rush song. Big mistake, I'm not at that level quite yet. So instead, I opened up one of Neil Peart's drumming videos. He was talking about that Gadd fill, the one that, as sixteenths, starts on the snare with the right hand, with the left hovering above the hi tom, and ends with a bass drum smack?

Well, I did that wrong.

Instead, I thought you had both hands on the snare, flam, doubled the left hand, and threw the right hand over to the hi tom and ended on with a bass drum. It sounds awesome, but it isn't that Gadd fill I was trying to do. Then I figured out what I did wrong... And it just feels like it should go into those triplets that Bonzo does between the hands and feet...

And it got me wondering...

Does anyone else have tiny fills that they enjoy stringing together, as opposed to just simply, say, triplets around the kit?
Stuff like


Can be strung together with any sound source on the kit and all sound pretty cool. Easy to get fast, also. I can improvise with just those 3 for a long time, I also use a single stroke fill in tandem with those often, which is just two strokes per drum, going from snare down to the floor tom, then 3 strokes on the floor tom and one on the snare, go to the toms and repeat. Works nice.
I like to use rudiments when ever I can. Things like Paradiddle to 7 stroke. Or a paradiddle-diddle alternating between hands and kick. I have found that using the snare rudiments around the kit makes it easier to keep your fills from getting repetative.