So I got home from work today, and I found this at my doorstep...

I know exactly what's inside but you guys don't.......GET THE BOXCUTTERS

What the hell, a Line 6 product!? BOOO TS PROBABLY GOT A SPIDER IV

Actually, it's not

THE NEW LINE 6 POD HD DESKTOP VERSION!!!!!! I saved up $400 to get this, and I'm uber excited to start playing around with it.

Now that I finally have it......Out with the old


As you can see, I was pretty excited, which is why the camera was shaking on that last pic.

Unfortunately, I could only play for a few seconds....I now have to go back to work again but once I get back I'll try putting up a video, maybe a cover, trying this bad boy out.


sXedit: sorry for the huge pics my phone camera was acting rather strange.....
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Sweet! I want to hear clips! I was wondering if this is a worthy upgrade from my XT. HNmfxpD
Hell yeah! The best product line 6 has made, IMO. HNPD!
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Just wondering, why did you get the desktop version if you are using it with an amp?
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Maybe the price tag is clouding your judgment ?
yeah probably. Or the circuits.
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nice address.

Ololol yeah, nice address PAYTON! But for reals, what made you choose the desktop over the floor models? They have an expression pedal
Why is it called a desktop version? Do you need an amp to use it or can you just plug headphones into it?
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Very nice! Can't wait to hear clips!
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Shit I didn't know you guys could see the address on the box

Anyways, I chose the Desktop model because I do alot of recording/jamming with my laptop, also, If I ever wanted to play a live gig, I can just plug this straight into the P.A.

Oh, and I chose this over the Live because I have a Dunlop Crybaby From Hell, and I prefer using it over the expression pedal already on the foot controllers for the POD
Clips please!
Btw I have exactly the same tuner.
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How did you get one?

All the online places say they're not available until the 18th!

I got mine off of ebay......only because of free shipping.
You can also try amazon.com