So I've been having a problem lately, what with the hot weather and the whatnot - my hands are kind of sweaty or grimy, for lack of a better term, and this makes it much harder to play. I can't do smooth slides, and it just feels crappy playing, there's too much friction. Washing my hands doesn't help, and sometimes makes it worse.

Any tips for smoother playing?
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Elixir strings may do the trick
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You can buy stuff that you rub across your frets to make the strings slicker, that might help. I mean, i'm not really sure of any other ways to help yah
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When my hands get clammy, I rub some baby powder on them and a little on the back of the neck.
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welcome to my world, i have a genetic condition that makes me sweat from my hands pretty much constantly. Needless to say my strings dont last 5 minutes
1. Wash hands with Soap
2. What "Sleaza_Disease" said: Elixir Strings
3. Clean strings after playthrough (even if it's elixirs, they will still die if you don't clean them)

Tried and tested because my hands sweat irregardless of temperature (obviously slower in colder climates but it will sweat like a bitch!)
I have the same problem, doesn't take much to make me sweat like a paedo in a playground. I put an electric fan behind me to keep me cool, saves you wiping your hands and guitar neck every 10 seconds.
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Tried and tested because my hands sweat irregardless of temperature (obviously slower in colder climates but it will sweat like a bitch!)

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Assuming you know how to care for your neck and strings... wipe down and clean both sides of neck (strings included) every time you finish practice or play.

And to re-iterate... wash and dry your hands well before playing.

that should help.
This happens to me a lot. I just give my hands a wash in some nice warm water with soap and it's fine again, though.
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Elixir strings may do the trick


They're also good if you play often as they just generally last longer than normal strings. That's why I use them- I'd go through a few sets of standard strings every week otherwise lol

Just so that you know: I don't work for Elixir lol