I always wanted to learn how to play the flute, so am planning to buy a cheap yet good quality flute. Also what kind of flutes am I to be looking at? Brass flutes? I was hoping for the traditional one though. :P

Suggest me some good flutes
and how hard is it to learn the flute?

Im not sure what are really good starter flutes, I can't remember what my brother had. As far as traditional, if youre talking about wooden keyless flutes, youre gonna have quite a hard time. No to mention the price.

Sorry thats all i got

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If you want a really cheap flute like instrument by a tin whistle/pennywhistle they are commonly used Irish folk music and you can buy one for real cheap. I got one for 12 dollars last year and it still is in fine condition and sounds good.
Yamaha does some very nice begginer flutes. As does Leblanc. Your best bet might be to find a music store near you and tell them your looking for a begginer flute and ask what would be good to start on.

Also I've been playing flute for almost eight years now. Once you get started you just need to keep practicing and work on controlling your air. The fingers aren't that complex and there are lots of charts online. You might want to find some breathing exercises, especially if you haven't played a wind instrument before.
The Flute is the most virtusosic instrument in the Woodwind family. Traditional flutes made of wood were used up to abou the 19th century and had a mellower tone than todays standard flutes made of silver/gold/platinum, whose tone is purer and more brilliant.

The lower register sounds somewhat warm, when not covered by other instruments and notes with lower overtones. The tone gradually brightens the further you go up the first octave of the flutes range.

The second octave of the flutes range is clear and serene, the third octave being brilliant and thin up to around a high A or Bb. C# and above will sound shrill and is not often used (instances where it is it is doubled by piccolo).

But yeah, no woodwind instrument surpasses the flute in agility/ virtuosity. You can perform all manner of fast scales/arpeggios on the Flute.

There's the option of a regular Flute, Alto Flute, Piccolo... The alto Flute seldom being used in modern orchestras and having an extended lower range than a normal flute. A piccolo is similar to the flute but being nearly half the size of the flute it's notes sound an octave higher than written and is suited to higher sounding passages.

I'd get an Oboe myself Although they are terribly expensive...

Pieces which use the Flute:

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HtKa9VzfduQ Debussy : Syrinx

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s-oAaDqnNk0 Ravel : Daphnis et Cloe

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wxGUfnMCjUQ Corelli - Flute concerto no.7

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EAI3N61zY9k&feature=related John Williams - ET (notice the fast scalar passages/melodies on the flute).
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my only advice is to learn how to transpose, seeing as I know music, and not flute. Most flutes are in the key of Bb, meaning they play their notes a wholestep down from "C" Instruments. Say youre playing with a piano, and you try to play unison with it in a melody. If they play C, youll have to play a whole step higher to play the same note, which is D. Thats all I have to contribute, sorry for being bland

Normal flutes aren't transposing instruments. The alto flute is in G, and the piccolo sounds an octave higher than written. You might be thinking about clarinets which are often in Bb.
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Normal flutes aren't transposing instruments. The alto flute is in G, and the piccolo sounds an octave higher than written. You might be thinking about clarinets which are often in Bb.

You know what, I'm an idiot. Disregard my post. I knew that too, I think I was thinking of trumpet or something >.> Thanks for the catch
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