Ok so here's the dealio. I'll list what I will want out of the amp, and am open to ANY suggestions, besides modeling amp heads. I want the head to have IMENSE balls and a helluva lot of distortion. I want something beefy as hell like the Krank, but also for it to sound "southern" ( like Down or the last two Pantera albums). I would like for it to have more than just a clean and lead channel, but beggars can't be choosers. An Eq, precsence, or resonance would be great as well. As for the clean channel, I want it to have the ability to sound like the beginning part of Cemetery Gates by Pantera, or dirtier also. I really dont want anything that is supposed to have a "British" sound. If you need more info just ask!
Out of curiosity, how long have you been playing?
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For the budget anything under three grand, closest major city is Fort Wayne, Indiana, been playing for two and a half years, love guitar to death, and as for used or new don't care if it kicks ass lol
The sounding "southern" is a combination of what you play, how you play it, and some subtle EQ changes.

Mesa / Krank / Peavey would probably be good for you.
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Tbh Im not much of a metal guy, but off the top of my head Id say;

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Soldano SLO

Again, I'm prob not the best to comment on amps for this genres so take my advice with a pinch of salt.
But it should get the ball rolling for you....
Hahah it's alright man it's the thought that counts. I've heard good things about soldano, are they wellmade?
Definitely a 5150/ 6505. Not the II/ +.
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Yeah, Soldano have a v.high build quality, and are highly rated and respected because of it.
Sorry to burst your bubble, but Krank heads are not good. I have had a Rev series 1 and it was god awful. They make a great cab, but not heads. Soldanos are probably one of the best heads made, quality wise I think they put Mesa,Engl,Marshall, Ect to shame. However some love the tone and some hate it.
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Yeah I've heard some pretty bad things about Krank heads, but I still think they got some balls. I checked out the SLO Soldano, I don't know if it has the gain I'm looking for. As for a Peavey, the only head I can dig from them is the Valveking or XXX, but I love my Transtube 212 EFX to death, but again not enough crunch. You guys are helping a lot so sorry if I come off as an ass.