Well i really some help with pinch harmonics, its been about a year and half of playing guitar and despite earlier attempts, i think im starting to get the hang of them, about 80% of the time i can a good squeeler if i just concentrate on it alone, but with songs im hopeless...

Basically (haters gonna hate) i thought slipknot - duality is a good, simple song to really start off with, but i have trouble playing them into the song. Maybe its my technique like how i go from a palm mute to the harmonic or whatever, anyone got good advice on when you feel confident with PH's that you can REALLY use them????

any help appreciated
PS. my thumb is killing lol
Just practice them during a song or in a solo. Like EVERYWHERE, it'll come eventually.
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thanks, i just have trouble say...going from a chord and doing the pinch harmonic, does it just come with practice? also i have a problem with strings ringing out when i do this, like a PH on the 3rd fret A string (standard) and the 2 strings above will be drowning it out, any advice on that lol??
Mute the other strings with your pointer finger.
Practice much slower.
Get it perfect at a lower tempo then build speed.
you have a good point DimebagZappa even though its tricky at the moment muting (win name and pic btw), ive been trying to play full speed
ill just practice slower for a song, or put them in when i can
Dont thank me. Zincabopatario (sp?) and Zaphod kinda forced me to slow up a bit (and use a metronome) and i've been really enjoying playing since. Even tho its slower for a while, it sounds 20x better.
You know what I did?
I learned the verse from Crazy Train, you know the one with fast strumming palm muting the A
then I did like Zakk Wylde and started trying to get the pinch Harmonics in the A of the G string(2nd Fret) at the end of the riff, after about a month of trying this I could practically get Every Single Pinch Harmonic, you just have to know where to pinch with your thumb, you can get up to 4 different harmonic of a single note