Well, here's the lowdown. I'm a guitarist, but I am playing bass in a band with some friends. The drummers older brother is a bassist in his own band, and lets me use his old bass (Slightly warped neck, but plays well). Very rarely does he let me use his amp. My dad has a bass at home, and I practice on it, using my little 10w practice guitar amp I got with my first guitar. (He has an amp, doesn't like me using it either).

I have $280.00 CAN. What should I do? Should I buy a decent bass to start off with, and roll with no amp, being at my drummer's brother's mercy (Like I said, he rarely lets me use his amp). Should I Buy an amplifier, and use it with his brother's bass? Can I even get a decent bass amp for 280$? Or should I buy some bass starter pack, or buy the two things separately.

I don't know what to do. I'm leaning towards buying a bass amp, but then again my dad doesn't like when I'm on his bass more than he is.

I could save up, but I have no job, and no cash coming my way.

Wat do?
you need to save some $$ and get both If you are just starting I'd suggest looking at the Ibanez basses ( even their cheaper ones are better than just about anything near the price range. Look for at least a 1x15 100watt combo to start with.
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You need your own equipment. Do you really want to double on guitar and bass? Or are you kinda selling yourself out to placate your friends? Remember that you are the only one who can live your life so you need to ensure that you are doing what makes you personally happy and not allow others to get in the way of that (within reason, of course).

I think that's the first consideration to ponder. Mind you, if you play bass it will be easier to find a band situation since everyone either wants to sing or play guitar. So it depends on what your priorities are.

Do you want to be a professional musician or is making music just for playtime? If you want to be a pro then you will need to look at, at least at some point, obtaining pro level equipment. The better your equipment, technique, attitude and ability to get yourself around are the more likely it is you can find a good situation to play in.

If you are just screwing around, though, look for used equipment like a Fender Bassman, an Ampeg SVT or Gallien-Kruger.

Btw, the best double is guitar and keyboards, at least from what I have seen. But again, it just depends on what your outlook is.
I love it when guitarists post in bass threads. Yeah sure, you're selling out by taking up bass. And if you're just screwing around, why not get an SVT or something.

It sounds to me like you jam with a drummer and you can occasionally get hold of a bass so you're probably best off trying to get an amp. Basically you want the most power you can find for that cash. I guess I'd be hunting pawnshops for used Peavey stuff. Or if you're more interested in just learning the instrument than actually jamming for now you might be better off getting a cheap Squier or Ibanez bass and a Vox Amplug so you've got something you can play more regularly and get your technique down while saving for an amp.