Today my new Pod GX came through the post. Up to now ive been using Guitar rig 4 for all my recording but today i happily made the switch to pod products.

as djent is grown on me and many people i decided to make a djent style tone heres what it sounds like


titled djentn tonage

bare in mind ive made all the tones your hearing today but i think the result has being rather good :P

if you want to compare everything below was made with guitar rig 4

enjoy and c4c
This is a MotherFxcking Invatation
Sounds pretty good, though your previous guitar tones were good also. A PodXT is my main guitar effect/amp modeler. I tried literally thousands of patches off customtone.com & other websites years ago. That's where I got most of my better guitar tones. Not sure if you can find good patches for your device doing that, but I would consider that. Curious what you think of my latest music at this link:


Thanks for your critique on my song!

Your tones sound straight. I've never used POD gear, but is that essentially just an amp modeler for your computer? (and a box or something to plug your 1/4" to that sends USB out?)

I'm listening to these loud on big speakers, and they actually sound very good. My speakers tend to bring out the low mids of guitars, especially heavily distorted and drop tuned ones like yours.. Lots of the time listening to these home recordings I end up having to turn it down because the sound gets all muddy and shitty. However, I'd say this new gear you got is worth the money because all the guitars here sound professional.

Oh, cool riffs too! Enjoy your new stuff.. Gotta love getting new gear right??