Someone is selling this bass amp for 200$, I wanna know if this is a good price for it. This is his description on the ad :

"Peavey TNT 100 SS Series 45 watt bass amp from the late 1970's. Great condition/vintage sound. 15 inch speaker with detachable head. Foot pedals have been made in an attempt to mimic the great sound this amp puts out. Free pair of vintage Xonex HP-55 headphones included."

Is this a good deal? Here is a picture from the back of the amp.

I'd look around online for reviews, but vintage unless a proven amazing (like an ampeg, fender twin) is just an old amp with more chances for something to break. Peaveys are solid amps, but at 45 watts you're paying over $2 a watt for a used practice amp. I'd save up more or keep looking for something in the 150-300 watt range, as Alton Brown says "You're patience will be rewarded".

Also I'd never heard of Barrie until I visited my girlfriend in Bradford, I live in Texas, now everyone on these boards from Canada seems to be from Ontario, in Barrie or Toronto