I was wondering if anyone knew of a good pair of studio monitors for about $300. My room isn't that large. I also need them to have some proper bass to them as well. I've been checking many sites comparing a few of them but I'm never sure if their price is set at a good value or not. So far, the JBL LSR2325P looks pretty nice but it seems to be slightly out of my price range (a pair is $400). Or can someone find something of same quality or better at that price range? Thanks for any help! I appreciate it.
You wont find anything better than the LSR2325P pair in that price range. You can go cheaper, but, you wont be happy. Seriously, save up, and get them. Completely worth it.
I've never used the JBL monitors so I can't say. I've tried the KRK's, Mackies and M-Audios in the lower price ranges side by side and the KRKs were the most clear and flat sounding of the 3
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