I guess I might as well go from the start. I own a Dean V (no, not one of the crappy $200 ones) and I was having some issues with it. At one point, I had taken off the Tuno-O-Matic part of the bridge to clean under it and put it back on, and when I put it back on, there was a number of issues. Action was out (that was easily fixed) but the problem is/was that when I play a stacatto (basically play the note and then almost immediately stop it) note, it sounds like there is a loud, tinny, almost harmonic vibration from the strings in between the the Tuno-o-matic and the piece for the body-through. I tried everything, including dampening with felt and trying to use electrical tape. Nothing worked. I talked to a professional and they said that I should get a new bridge. I have a BC Rich Mockingbird that I absolutely treasure (I'm guessing there will be plenty of BC Rich haters, but DAMN, I love this guitar to death, I prefer it even to my Fender Strat) that has a Tune-O-Matic of the same size, so I thought it was worth a shot trying the BC Rich one on the Dean. Didn't help, so I replaced the bridge on my Mockingbird and the same problems arose in the Mockingbird, but there is a lot of buzz at the bridge as well. I don't want to sound over dramatic, but I'm pretty discouraged over it. I can live with the Dean being messed up, but I love that Mockingbird to death, and want to get it back to perfect condition ASAP. It sounds very obnoxious when it is played in it's current condition, and there is no way to just "ignore" it. If anyone could help, you'd be a blessing. I am in rather immediate need of it because of a band situation.

PS: I had an issue with my strat that made it sounded exactly the same as the other guitars, but that was easily fixed by placing a piece of paper between the springs for the tremolo and the inner body. Just thought I'd clarify that so if anyone is familiar with that issue, they might have a better understanding of the sound I tried describing from the Dean and BC Rich. I fixed the strat, but these are totally different bridges so repeating methods is not an option.
Did you put the bridge on backwards by any chance?
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how's the intonation now?

that will help to determine, if you put it on upside down, like suggested.

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You might need a neck adjustment or an intonation adjustment. Maybe the screws are loose.
My brother's new bass had the same problem but we took it to Guitar Center and the adjusted the neck and the bridge and ta-da no more harmonic noise.
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I am sure it's not on backwards (searched the Internet for images to be 100% sure) and I set the intonation, but I'm not necessarily the most experienced in set ups (usually take guitars somewhere for em) so I could have goofed up. Intonation is pretty simple to set though, I think. Anyways, I plan to take it to guitar center or something within the next few days.
Edit: I also used a ruler to see if the neck was straight and that isn't a problem.
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