Hey guys, ive been trying to get a tight shred tone lately and seem to just get better metal rhythm tones. Im using a peavey 6505 head, orange 2x12 open back, Ts-808, boss Dd-7, ibanez rgr421exfm (with a evo in the bridge). My settings on the 6505 are Low: 3.5 Mid : 5 High: 6 resonance: 6 presence : 8.

Something along the lines of Yngwie/gilbertish. Also if anyone could throw in some good shred settings for the dd-7 that would be great ! cheers.

You need a closed back cab tbh. The low-end is escaping out of the back of the cab which is probably leaving you with a pretty thin tone. Also turn your lows up on your amp.
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Typically you turn down the lows if you're having problems with loose rhythm...
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Open back cab= no tight shred tone.

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First you might want to do something about the open back.

Dialing up the gain on the amp might help, what settings are you using on the tubescreamer? I'd suggest setting drive at 0, tone at least at 12 o'clock as well as volume/balance/level or whatever it's called on your model at 12 o'clock.

As for the delay just set the feedback and mix level to something that makes it echo 2-4 times with the first repeat being a bit lower than the main signal. Set tempo so it's somewhat close to 1/4 notes in the tempo you're playing (play quarter notes and get the repeats to line up).
yngwie uses powertube distortion and has a fairly clean sound just really loud. actually for a good shred sound you have to make sure there is no mushing of notes they have to be very clear so less distortion is needed than you might think. your delay sound should be in the background giving the notes some depth but not overtaking them (ie don't wash your sound in delay and reverb as many seem to do).
Lower the amp's gain, boost the signal with a pedal.
What I see many people do is pretty much drown their sound in distortion - don't be the so-manieth to fall into that. If you ave your 6505's gain on 7 it's already a little overkill.

You want to have defined, reasonably high mids, treble ever-so-slightly over those mids.
Bass inbetween the two.

A closed-back cabinet is preferred because it will sound tighter, but you can get a decent shred tone with an open back.

If you have a delay, for the love of God, keep it subtle.
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