I built a Telecaster a few years back. To my surprise it worked out pretty well, taking into consideration the fact that the hardware and electronics were all pretty cheap,

I have since been in the process of getting better parts and have almost accumulated everything I need/want.
A couple of weeks back a friend and I played a house party and I noticed that afterwards the finish was coming off. It’s a simple wood stain over a basswood body and a “friend” had helped out to give it a slightly more natural wood-appearance. He also said that he had sealed and lacquered it. Clearly not well enough. Not that the absence of a little of the finish is a problem and I quite like the road-warn/relic appearance, but I want to preserve it and ensure that it will not deteriorate any further.

Any suggestions on products that are easily obtainable from hardware/DIY stores (in Australia) that can be used to good effect? And the best method of applying the finish without the luxury of a professional spray room?

I plan to have the guitar finished in the next few weeks – just waiting on a couple of things (a good input jack and ferrules) to be shipped to me.

Thanks in advance.
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I use a nitro lacquer made by Wattyl, but it's pretty pricey. It's called Stylwood 95% Gloss. I got it from a local paint store, i'm not sure if hardware stores carry it. As for spraying, I'd recommend getting a gravity-feed spray gun from an auto store and spraying outside. A good way to do it is, if you have a garage, hang the guitar just inside the door of your garage so it's sheltered from the wind and spray out the door. I'd only recommend this as a last resort though if you can't get find a spray booth.

Edit: if you haven't got a compressor to power the spray gun, you can go for a aerosol spray lacquer. Not sure if anyone in aus sells the same stuff as stew mac but some hobby stores do have good quality urethane-based aerosol lacquer.
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Thanks - I can have a word with a couple of people that live near me that may have access to a booth... A mate does custom jobs on motorbikes, so that could be an option.
It's an opinion. It's subjective. And I'm right, anyway.
I use nitro because it's easier to fix than urethane. People say it lets the guitar 'breathe' and stuff like that, but I don't know. Just when the guitar is knocked badly nitro doesn't chip as badly as urethane and it can be easily patched. Poly sets by a different method and you can't patch over it flawlessly like you can with nitro.
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Nitro is probably the simplest hard finish to apply but is not as tough as modern 2 part finishes.

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