poem written for the rapture that was supposed to happen a week ago. i took some liberties with the recording. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K0w1KXjgLDQ

priveledge the soap my momma raised me breast fed raised bed with posts like a bonafide hide n seek dont be meek man out of you in 21 years (to go) rapture will hit knitting on the wall dissolve with the hell fire but your skin is lead resist the head space a nova in a cylindar mornings ours twenty bucks for the cinema forty for a bottle avoiding survival rapture will hit with radio frequency call out KUFO trying to rally up the extraterrestrial gun show its like the blue angels but different brick and pavement technological testament earthquake tremor terror throw throw to lent advanced american football formation not a slight against god just a falty interpretation of signs read for 21 years (to go) in the footprints addidas trashcan scorchers the specialists biting heels telling oh look how special this boy is from bamboo bone origins rapture will hit you will be saved depraved insane 21 years (to go) of western societal leers tried to take the backwoods road less travelled scared but your feet are 21 years hollowed by the bear traps the preachers left there and now your naked as jesus just enough left to cover your massive dignity im telling you my lost father theres only the beautiful parts left in me