Do you judge the preferred sex on how good of a parent they would be?

Do you?

I think I do. I didn't notice it until just recently though. I was watching this guy interact with some kids at our friend's dad's house, and he was really playful and kind to them. I remember thinking, Aww, he'd be such a good dad. On the other hand I know someone who I think would make a lousy father due to his temper problems and impatience with everything. Hell, I'm not even sure I want kids and I still notice this stuff. What about you?
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Sortof. Just kinda how they interact with my family more than just little kids. I also recognize that some chicks look at dudes that way, so I do my best when i'm around a girl's siblings.
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I never judge a person by whether I think they would be a good parent or not just for the fact that I never want to have kids.
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Not really...
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I don't think so, for me it's how filthy they'd probably get in the bedroom. So mostly I look out for high levels of repression, father issues, that sort of thing.
Not consciously, but we all do to some degree without realising it as it's evolutionarily hardwired into us.
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i do. my gf's gonna be a doctor, so we'll have money. (maybe i'm just worrying about money for me... oh well either way)
Absolutely. If I see someone that makes me think "They will be such a good mom," I stay the hell away from that shit. I'd much rather date and make fuck to irresponsible horny girls who are as disgusted by children as I am. Maybe I'll change my tune in 10 years when I'm boring. Maybe not.

Also, I was voted "Best Future Father" in high school, yet I was ignored by girls for 80% of it. So apparently they judged the same way I do now.
No, in America we judge the preferred sex on how good they look and how much they put out. It's relatively pathetic.
Subconsciously, yeah. I don't realize it or really think much on it very often though.
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I think it's only relevant if you want to have children.

My cousin just got married yesterday to a women who already has a daughter of 11 years old. Now thinking about it I'm sure she didn't consider my cousins parenting skills before marrying him, cause he's gonna be a crappy dad, and deep down I'm certain she knows. He's a complete slob.
I'm not at that stage in my life, so not really. I do tend to go for the homely girls though.

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No, in America we judge the preferred sex on how good they look and how much they put out. It's relatively pathetic.

Eh, what're you gonna do in this economy? Confidence is down
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I judge them on how much I like them. One of my friends has a kid who he doesn't give a shit about, but he's a cool guy who's fun to hang around with.

EDIT: Wait, wtf. I'm not gay (probably). What I meant is I judge people on their personality.
Nah not really. I judge them on them and whether or not we'd be suited to each other. But then I am only 17 and not planning on starting a family just yet!
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no way. i'm pretty sure i'd be a terrible parent but that doesn't make me a bad person, just a bad parent.
Subconsciously probably, but on an active level I don't really think about it at all.
I think I do.
It depends on how my life will be in the future if I want kids though.
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If anything, I DON'T want children, so no.
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