I watched Buried Alive & Nightmare.
First of: Tune your freakin guitar!!!
Now that that is out of the way.
Your alternate picking is ok.
Your sweeping needs lots of work & also your legato.
It's not very clean.

Also, there is no feeling in your playing. Add some more vibrato or something....
You want some more seeneyj hate? WELL YOU CAN'T HAVE IT

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I know my buried alive solo is so sloppy. But i want you to watch all solos!!

I dont know anything about guitar ,I dont know legato,scale. I only learn by guitar pro^^.
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you have two posts total, both in this thread.... why would you put them up if they're sloppy? you just want to get your views on youtube up i'm guessing. i seem to be grinchy on here lately i dunno how this is still open though, shouldn't it be moved to the covers section?
I've only watched Scream and I gotta say it was pretty sloppy.

Nice try though, it's a hard solo.