So this is related to my build, but im wondering if anyone has ever seen this combo.
i have a maple neck with maple fretboard, so its all light colored. my guitar however ive decided will be all dark. black sides, green to black burst top/back...
im not sure but im thinking the neck will look weird if it stays light.. maybe not.

but i was thinking about refinishing the neck with black dye im using on the body, but leaving the fretboard light? i cant imagine finishing the fretboard with anything, would be too tough... necks premade and finished.

ideas or pictures? i couldnt find any
You get black strats with maple necks all the time? I think there was an Epi Les Paul a while ago that was black with a maple neck (it maybe a Zakk Wylde one) so I vote for not doing anything to the neck.
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do you think the dyed maple neck with plain maple fretboard would look kind neat? or no good. even if all maple wouldnt look weird.

and i suppose with a bolt on neck, i can do whatever i want with it later if i dont like the plain maple...
Black and white (in this case, white-ish) is a sharp contrast, and is always classy. So unless your guitar is a more extreme, pointy shape, that's the vibe it'll give off.
Don't dye the neck black, just leave it plain. Maple looks fine with a black body and black hardware, and a bit of contrast is always good (well, its better than an all black guitar)
You can do it however you want.

The 'Normal' way to do it would be to leave the neck plain if it's a bolt on, or finish it to match the finish on the back of the body if it's a set neck or neck through.

But of course there's no reason you have to stick to that.

It could look pretty classy with a black neck and a maple fretboard.

Personally, I like a guitar with a maple neck and fretboard, the neck left plain, and black fretboard binding. That gives you a nice maple/black/maple look. -(i.e. my Jackson DK2M! )
I've seen necks where the back is painted black but the fretboard is left clear maple. If your guitar is really modern-styled then it fits okay. It's a little tricky to get done right though. Havign the whole neck done in simple clear satin, so you've got natural maple all over, is far easier and cheaper and it will play better.
thanks for all the replies!
the thing with the one pictured above is it has the white in the pickguard to offset it some.

i think ill just leave it maple for now. if i dont like it, i will think about it more later. but for now im not going to do anything drastic.
the headstock does have a logo on it, and i want to get rid of it, but i dont know what to do with it, i dont want to leave it blank, and i dont have the tools or skills to inlay it yet...